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  • Food additives to be avoided for those with Salycilate issues: from the HC3S UK website:

    <b>Other additives which can be a problem for athsmatics of asprin sensitive people (possibly those sensitive to salycilates).

  • E212 Potassium Benzoate
  • E213 Calcium Benzoate
  • E214 Ethyl hydroxybenzoate
  • E215 Ethyl hydroxybenzoate
  • E216 Propyl 4 hydroxybenzoate
  • E217 Propyl 4 hydroxybenzoate
  • E218 Methyl 4 hydroxybenzoate
  • E219 Methyl 4 hydroxybenzoate
  • E230 Diphenyl
  • E321 Ortho phenylphenol
  • E232 Sodium Orthophylphenate
  • E233 Thiabendazode
  • E234 Nisin
  • E235 Natamycin

The last one is of particular interest, will have to investigate it further, because a strain of antibiotics that I am unable to tolerate has the 'mycin' inc in the name of each... eurythromycin, etc. Don't know if it correlates, but at least its flagged for action :P

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