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Tobie Puttock does Gluten Free in new recipe book

"Local Produce"
By Simone Casey (Who Magazine, Sept...)

Tobie's glossy food guide is big on art and graphics and contains variations for each recipe for people with food allergies, prompted by his girlfriend, make-up artist Georgia Katz, 26, who is gluten intolerant. Before they met in 2001, Tobie didn't realise what allergy-sufferers went through to get a decent restaurant meal. "When you're really busy in a kitchen, the last thing you want to know about is a bloody gluten intolerant person who can't eat dairy," says Tobie. "Once I started going out with a person who had it, it made me see it differently. I'd cook food and she'd be in pain afterwards. I was thinking, "Surely George doesn't have to go without- I can jig it so she can have it".

Definitely going to check this cookbook out.

And yes, he is the one that is doing the new series of Jamie Oliver's kitchen :)
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