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stress at breakfast

Had a work breakfast at Lotus at the Junction yesterday before we started for the day. Was all the gang from electrical, including the boss, who arrived after we orderered but had already told someone else what he wanted :P I asked for bacon and eggs, "and can you please make sure that they are gluten free". No worries.

Breakfast comes out, sure enough, served on two pieces of bread.

"I can't eat that"
*wierd look from waitress*
"Bread is not gluten free."
"Yeah well its not gluten free then"

She leaves the plate on the table and goes to walk off.

"Excuse me, can you take this back and get them to make it without the toast?"
Waitress gives me evils and picks up the plate.
Dave next to me:"She did ask for it to be gluten free you know"
Waitress stalks off.

I turn around to see my boss staring at me in astonishment. He's only seen the calling in sick side of my allergies. Not the, no but it really can be a massive pain in the arse sometimes side. So we have a few questions about wheat, which I had to interrupt to go tell one of the other waitresses, because I definitely didn't trust ours, that my meal not just be taken off the bread and put onto another plate. She looked startled then went to talk to the chef.

So not poisoned, but definitely won't be going there again.

The funny thing is when I left I noticed that the menu board had gluten free friands on it. And once again I ask "Why bother serving Gluten Free food if you don't bother educating your staff?" It just leads to false confidence from patrons and, personally, a whole lot of hassle I really don't need at 8am.
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