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Just realised that makes it three times in a fortnight that I have had rude waitstaff make dining suck.

The guy at Bogey Hole (who are normally fabulous with coeliacs) who ignored my no capsicum request making for a very itchy night, rolled his eyes at me and brought the pineapple juice that I asked to be mixed through the stirfry instead of chilli sauce to the table.

The girl at Lotus yesterday.

And of course the waitress at the Crown and Anchor who brought my gluten free steak and mash out with gravy on it. But at least she was polite about it and didn't make any faces.

What I really want to know I guess, is how and why these stuff ups keep happening and why its such an effort to get things right. Restaurants are a part of the service industry and I really am not asking these things to be fussy... and its not diffucult to comply with my requests... so why the eye rolls? Why the poisonings? Should I just give up on eating out entirely? Certainly feels like that sometimes.
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