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Peppercorn Food Company
Exceptional Sausages and Burgers

Gluten free, less than 3% saturated fat, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no meat substitutes, fresh ingredients

I love the write up, check it out:
At Peppercorn we take the mystery out of sausages; a walk through our factory tells it all. We start with fresh wholesome meat, the kind you use to make a hearty casserole or you would buy as the finest premium mince. We then add fresh tomatoes, carrots, onions or sun dried tomatoes (half tomatoes not the powdered kind), fresh garlic, ginger, the puree of plump ripe habanera and cayenne chillies, the zest and juice of fresh limes and fresh coriander or kaffir lime leaves.

Whatever it takes to make the best

* Thai Beef
* Extra Lean Beef
* Extra Lean Italian Style
* Chicken with Fresh Lime and Chilli
* Pork with ginger and shallots
* Extra lean beef chipolatas
* Extra lean beef burgers
* Thai beef burgers

Have had these before, they're available at Woolworths and they are very tasty. Actually I have the beef ones in the fridge atm.

PH# 1800 175 952
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