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Gluten Free Newcastle's Journal
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Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
2:20 pm
but wait there's more
The Newcastle Herald, same as previous entry, same author

Gluten-free Heaven No Secret
The region offers a tempting range of coelic-friendly cafes and restaurants as well as those that cater for vegetarian.

When it comes to eating out without gluten, Secret Corner Cafe is one of the best destinations.
The Rathmines cafe is owned and operated by husband-and-wife team David and Karlyn Mustard and is different in that David makes the cafe's range of breads using gluten-free flour.

Instead of being restricted to basic salads, coeliacs can enjoy dishes such as melts, burgers, big breakfasts and warm Thai chicken and prawn salad with mango.

There is also a wide range of sandwiches and foccacias, not to mention the tempting lemon merangue pie.

The reason behind the coeliac friendly menu? Karlyn is a coeliac and the couple understand too well the frustrations of those who are trying to avoid gluten products when dining out.

While there is a huge coeliac menu, there are still plenty of other choices for diners who have no dietary restrictions.

As well as the a la carte menu, there is a bountiful lunch and light meals menu with plenty of choice, from quiches to tempura, battered fish fillets and veal schnitzel, sandwhiches, wraps, pides, melts and burgers.

Its BYO and functions can be easily organised. For booking telephone the Secret Corner Cafe on 4975 4922.

Other Great Venues
Nosh on Beaumont, Hamilton, has a gluten-free menu, while Gelato Dolomiti just down the road near the train station can whip up risotto and pasta that is gluten free.

If you are hankering for pizza, try the Blue Water Pizza at Warners Bay and Queens Wharf, or if you want noodles or sweet treats try the Bogie Hole Cafe at Newcastle East. All Bar One in the Newcastle Mall also has an extensive gf menu, as does Salina Restaurant at Belmont South.

Sesame's A Taste of Asia at both Belmont and The Junction have gf menus, while Paymasters near The Foreshore at Newcastle East and Chaddies on Regent at New Lambton are other great venues. Out of towners will love the Olive and Lime Cafe at Singleton which also does a range of gf meals and deserts.

Veg out at Sunny's
...It's whole food as well as vegetarian, and with quite a few vegan and gf dishes as well..
ph: 4962 1304

Quality food to go
Fast food normally means diet unfriendly food, but travellers on the F3 have a choice. On both sides of the freeway at Wyong are Oliver's Real Food outlets...
2:10 pm
Newspaper article
From the Newcastle Herald, Weds Oct 4, 2006.

Consulting restaurant staff can take a lot of the pain out of dining out for people on a diet or with special needs, writes Jenny Tarran.

For most people ordering off a menu is not a complicated affair. You just end up choosing what you feel like eating.

Then there are other diners, the ones who tremble at the idea of ordering from a menu, be it due to a strict weight-loss diet, a medically imposed diet or an allergy.

Dining out doesn't have to be a scary affair and the first secret to a good meal out that doesn't tip the scales or include ingredients that could give you an allergic reaction is to ask before you order.

This may mean contacting the restaurant in advance if you suffer from a severe food allergy. While it may take a bit of time, that five or 10 minutes spent on the phone talking to the chef or waitstaff may save a lot of embarrasment, both for the diner and the eatery, when it's time to order.

If there are specific food allergies, talk to the chef about substitutes, ask how the food is prepared, and if your particular requirements can be catered for.

If your needs aren't too extreme then good waitstaff are your best friend when dining out. They should not only know the menu backwards, they should also have an idea of what ingredients go into the dishes and how they're cooked. If they don't know the details, the waitstaff should be able to approach the chef for you and find out.

Ocassionally a restaurant or cafe will have a menu so well set out that you don't have to send a list of questions to the kitchen.

Some menus describe the dish so well that it's easy to know if the food is baked, fried or grilled and what the sauce or dressing is made from. These menus are more likely to have symbols denoting vegetarian and vegan food, dairy-free and wheat-free options as well as healthy choice meals...

Current Mood: curious
2:00 pm
Peppercorn Food Company
Exceptional Sausages and Burgers

Gluten free, less than 3% saturated fat, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no meat substitutes, fresh ingredients

I love the write up, check it out:
At Peppercorn we take the mystery out of sausages; a walk through our factory tells it all. We start with fresh wholesome meat, the kind you use to make a hearty casserole or you would buy as the finest premium mince. We then add fresh tomatoes, carrots, onions or sun dried tomatoes (half tomatoes not the powdered kind), fresh garlic, ginger, the puree of plump ripe habanera and cayenne chillies, the zest and juice of fresh limes and fresh coriander or kaffir lime leaves.

Whatever it takes to make the best

* Thai Beef
* Extra Lean Beef
* Extra Lean Italian Style
* Chicken with Fresh Lime and Chilli
* Pork with ginger and shallots
* Extra lean beef chipolatas
* Extra lean beef burgers
* Thai beef burgers

Have had these before, they're available at Woolworths and they are very tasty. Actually I have the beef ones in the fridge atm.

PH# 1800 175 952
3:47 am
My little brother is such a sweetheart, he just got back from a week in New Zealand and gave me an ipod case a book and a leaflet from Muffin Break on their gluten free muffin range. How cute is that!

We've introduced a tasty new range of Gluten Free muffins great for people who need to avoid gluten in their diet and great for everyone that really enjoys delicious muffins.

What is gluten?
Gluten is a protien found in wheat, oats, rye and barley. Any foods that contain these grains, or ingredients made from them, will contain gluten. For example, most breads, breakfast cereals and crispbreads contain gluten.

Who should eat gluten free foods?
Gluten free foods can be eaten by anyone, however people who suffer from coeliac disease need to avoid gluten in their diet, for health reasons. For these people, eating a gluten free diet is essential for maintaining good health and wellbeing.

We bake instore with fresh ingredients and a specially created mix and follow strict procedures to ensure our gluten free muffins are in fact gluten free.

Having had an apple muffin and an apricot one, got to say, I <3 muffin break. Not as much as I <3 my little brother, but a fair bit ;)

Current Mood: cheerful
Monday, October 16th, 2006
3:14 pm
Just realised that makes it three times in a fortnight that I have had rude waitstaff make dining suck.

The guy at Bogey Hole (who are normally fabulous with coeliacs) who ignored my no capsicum request making for a very itchy night, rolled his eyes at me and brought the pineapple juice that I asked to be mixed through the stirfry instead of chilli sauce to the table.

The girl at Lotus yesterday.

And of course the waitress at the Crown and Anchor who brought my gluten free steak and mash out with gravy on it. But at least she was polite about it and didn't make any faces.

What I really want to know I guess, is how and why these stuff ups keep happening and why its such an effort to get things right. Restaurants are a part of the service industry and I really am not asking these things to be fussy... and its not diffucult to comply with my requests... so why the eye rolls? Why the poisonings? Should I just give up on eating out entirely? Certainly feels like that sometimes.
3:04 pm
stress at breakfast
Had a work breakfast at Lotus at the Junction yesterday before we started for the day. Was all the gang from electrical, including the boss, who arrived after we orderered but had already told someone else what he wanted :P I asked for bacon and eggs, "and can you please make sure that they are gluten free". No worries.

Breakfast comes out, sure enough, served on two pieces of bread.

"I can't eat that"
*wierd look from waitress*
"Bread is not gluten free."
"Yeah well its not gluten free then"

She leaves the plate on the table and goes to walk off.

"Excuse me, can you take this back and get them to make it without the toast?"
Waitress gives me evils and picks up the plate.
Dave next to me:"She did ask for it to be gluten free you know"
Waitress stalks off.

I turn around to see my boss staring at me in astonishment. He's only seen the calling in sick side of my allergies. Not the, no but it really can be a massive pain in the arse sometimes side. So we have a few questions about wheat, which I had to interrupt to go tell one of the other waitresses, because I definitely didn't trust ours, that my meal not just be taken off the bread and put onto another plate. She looked startled then went to talk to the chef.

So not poisoned, but definitely won't be going there again.

The funny thing is when I left I noticed that the menu board had gluten free friands on it. And once again I ask "Why bother serving Gluten Free food if you don't bother educating your staff?" It just leads to false confidence from patrons and, personally, a whole lot of hassle I really don't need at 8am.
Wednesday, October 4th, 2006
2:57 pm

12 Florence Street
Hornsby NSW 2077

Gluten free Preservative free sausages

- Moroccan Lamb and Raisin (very tasty)(winner of best sausage in NSW)
- Sweet Chicken and Corn (didn't get to try these but I KNOW I would like them)
- Honey Chicken and Macadamia
- Tasty Beef (thick and thin)
- Beef Smoked Cheese and Chives

- Butter chicken and yoghurt
- Plain chicken
- Thai chicken basil and coconut cream
- Apricot Chicken
- Chicken cheese and baby spinach

- Lamb mint and rosemary
- Spicy Lamb
- Honey lamb

- Smokey beef and bacon
- Beef spinach and pine nuts
- Smokey texan
- Sundried tomato and basil
- French delux (beef)
- Native pepper (beef)
- Beef, capsicum and tomato
- Mexican (beef)
- Spanish Chorizos (beef and pork)
- Spicy Italian (beef and pork)

- Old English pork
- Pork leek and bacon
- Irish breakfast (pork)
- German Weisswurst (pork and veal)
- Czech Combo (pork)
- Pork apple and cinammon

- Crocodile
- Emu
- Camel
- Boerwors
- Venison

Free dinner to anyone who can tell me what on earth Boerwors tastes like. Free dinner also to anyone who tries the camel ones and tells me what they taste like :P
2:52 pm
THE Second most exciting find...

O'Brien Premium Lager

Went back for seconds with this one, tasted just like New.

Retails at:

HAMILTON: Corkers on Beaumont
80 Beaumont Street

NEWCASTLE: Rowie's Liquor
55 Hunter Street

WARNERS BAY: Warner's at The Bay
320 Hillsborough Road
2:38 pm

Freedom Foods new gluten free Frozen Range

- GF Shepherd's Pie
- GF Apple Crumble
- GF Pizza Hawaiian
- GF Pizza Supreme
- GF Sticky Date Pudding
(a favourite of Ten's, very very tasty and comes pre-made)
- GF Donuts
(tasted exactly like regular donuts as far as I could tell)
- GF Crumbed Chicken Tenders
- GF Crumbed Fish Fillet
(My favourite, tasted fresh and oooh it was good)

The website has not yet been updated to include the new range, but the man at the stall informed me that they will be in stores very soon... Woolworths OMG YAY!

Will email the company and ask when.
2:23 pm
Mototo- totally decadent frozen deserts

Unfortunately another one that is yet to reach N. But they Vanilla flavour that I tried was lush, and Smem seemed to rather like the Chocolate, so yay for decadent desserts!


Both dairy free and soy free (which explains the taste, soy ice cream is usually fowl). The man handing out taste testers told me that its rice based. Excellent.
2:17 pm
Pure Gelato

Tried the Hazelnut, and it was taaaasty.

Unfortuntately not a Newcastle resource, but as it can be bulk ordered, birthday cakes can be made... thought I would make a note of it anyway.


30-32 Brighton Ave
Croydon Park
NSW 2133
1:16 pm
Woolworths Freefrom range...

Not as yet listed on the company website, but picked up a brochure at the GF Gourmet Expo.

Now you can enjoy a range of gluten free sweet indulgences and savoury treats with complete peace of mind.

At Woolworths we understand that some of our customers have to be careful with their food choices, so we are developing a range of Gluten Free products specifically for those who choose to eliminate gluten from their diet.

Woolworths uses stringent quality control to develop suitable gluten free products to meet the special needs of our customers and still deliver on great taste.


- Double Choc Biscuits
- Golden Choc filled Biscuits
- Coconut Rough Biscuits
- Choc Crunch Biscuits
- Fruit Filled Shortbread Strawberry Flavour
- Savoury Chive and Onion Biscuits


- Orange and Poppy Seed Muffin Mix
- Choc-Chip Muffin Mix
- Choc Cake Mix
- Lemon Cake Mix


Gluten and Yeast Free


Both Gluten and Wheat Free
1:04 pm
Tobie Puttock does Gluten Free in new recipe book
"Local Produce"
By Simone Casey (Who Magazine, Sept...)

Tobie's glossy food guide is big on art and graphics and contains variations for each recipe for people with food allergies, prompted by his girlfriend, make-up artist Georgia Katz, 26, who is gluten intolerant. Before they met in 2001, Tobie didn't realise what allergy-sufferers went through to get a decent restaurant meal. "When you're really busy in a kitchen, the last thing you want to know about is a bloody gluten intolerant person who can't eat dairy," says Tobie. "Once I started going out with a person who had it, it made me see it differently. I'd cook food and she'd be in pain afterwards. I was thinking, "Surely George doesn't have to go without- I can jig it so she can have it".

Definitely going to check this cookbook out.

And yes, he is the one that is doing the new series of Jamie Oliver's kitchen :)
12:48 pm
Monin Syrup Range
Found these syrups (for adding to drinks) at Bibina Wholesalers- Warners Bay

I found your email address on a pamphlet at Bibina Wholesales. I was wondering if you would be able to tell me which of the Monin liquer syrups are wheat and gluten free?


Hi there,
Attatched a Food Safety Survey on the Monin range where caramel is derived from. You will note:-

The colouring-agent caramel obtained from Wheat added in some of our syrups has a final products to be under the detectable amount of gluten.

Therefore, we are allowed to safely say, the Monin range contains no gluten.

If we can be of further assistance please advise.
Cheers, Robyn.

The base of the caramel is different according to the flavours.

Anise (beet)
Coffee (beet)
Cinnamon (beet)
Caramel (beet -no allergen in 'Natural Plant extracts')
Chestnut (beet)
Chocolate (beet)
Chocmint (beet)
Chai Tea (beet)
Gingerbread (beet)
Hazelnut (beet)
Irish Cream (Beet or Cane - no allergen in "Natural Plant extracts")
Passionfruit (beet)
Pineapple (beet)

All other flavours have caramel derived from wheat or both beet and wheat. The amount of gluten in these is not detectable, but personally I won't be risking it. These flavours include: Lemon Tea, Mango Tea, Peach, Peach Tea, Raspberry Tea, Rum.

Email: posipour@bigpond.net.au
Tuesday, September 26th, 2006
10:38 am
Greek night
Had a work dinner at the Greek Centre in Hamilton on friday night, and it was rather stressful. Took a Greek language and English restaurant card with me, so I could be sure the food would be ok:

I have an illness called Coelic Disease and have to follow a strict gluten free diet.

I may therefore become very ill if I eat food containing flours or grains of wheat, rye, barley and oats.

Does this food contain flour or grains of wheat, rye, barley or oats? If you are at all uncertain about what the food contains, please tell me. I eat food containing rice, maize, potatoes, all kinds of vegetables and fruit, cheese, milk, meat and fish- as long as they are not cooked with wheat flour, batter, breadcrumbs or sauce.

Thankyou for your help.

This was from www.CeliacTravel.com

I also wrote on the bottom of the note "I cannot eat tomatoes, lemon juice, or soy sauce" [in the hopes of at least avoiding the major salycilates]

Talked to the manager, the three old guys behind the bar (who seem to run the restaurant, play in the band, and drink) and two of the waitresses, explaining calmly that I can't eat wheat, flour, breadcrumbs etc. The old men seemed quite taken with me, there were a lot of Darlings and pats and they told me that in Greek Emma means bread. Or at least I think that's what they said.

The chef came out quite confused later and asked again what I could eat. I told her again, and said just give me something plain, like kebabs without any sauce, and some rice and vegies, or chips if they made them themselves.

Out came kebabs and chips and a salad with tomatoes and a lemon dressing. Ten took one look at the chips and said "They don't look ok". So I licked them (its the test) and sure enough my tongue went tingly. So we went to the kitchen and I asked to look at the bag. Dextrose. Not really their fault though, I wouldn't expect wheat eaters to know to look for something like that.

It raises the question though, is this restaurant card good enough? I don't think so, I need to make a better one, listing all the possible things that wheat can be in.

So yeah, no anaphylaxis, just a stressful dining experience. I ended up having two tiny kebabs and a little bit of rice. That and a stomach ache from licking the chip.

10:27 am
White Sauce
(For use with Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli)

2 Tbsp butter
2 Tbsp gf flour
1/2 tesp salt
1 cup milk (or half milk half water if you're not a big fan of milk
1/2 cup parsley

Melt the butter in a saucepan and whisk in the flour and salt until a smooth golden paste is formed. Gradually stir in the cup of cold milk, continuing to stir with the whisk, until it just starts to bubble. Reduce the heat to a simmer, and keep stirring until the sauce becomes smooth and thickened, this should only take a couple of minutes. Add the parsley, then you can simmer at a very low heat for another ten mins, but really its good enough to serve as is.

Try to avoid lumps if possible. You can sift the flour first to make it smoother, and if you have issues when you're cooking you can either use a stick blender to smooth them out then, or push the sauce through a seive when you are finished. I usually find though that stirring it with a whisk is good enough ;)

Last night I made this to go with some Ravioli that I bought frozen at Natural Tucker. 'Rina's Gluten Freedom' Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli. The sauce was fabulous, but the ravioli itself was gluggy and I gave up after a few mouthfuls.

So sauce good, ravioli bad. But I should have guessed that, what with it being frozen and all.

Current Mood: okay
Monday, September 25th, 2006
7:44 pm
Alan of the hills gets old school
This is what Aretaeus wrote in the second century AD.
A very observant physician.!


THE stomach being the digestive organ, labours in digestion, when diarrhœa seizes the patient. Diarrhœa consists in the discharge of undigested food in a fluid state; and if this does not proceed from a slight cause of only one or two days' duration; and if, in addition, the patient's general system be debilitated by atrophy of the body, the Cœliac disease of a chronic nature is formed, from atony of the heat which digests, and refrigeration of the stomach, when the food, indeed, is dissolved in the heat, but the heat does not digest it, nor convert it into its proper chyme, but leaves its work half finished, from inability to complete it; the food then being deprived of this operation, is changed to a state which is bad in colour, smell, and consistence. For its colour is white and without bile; it has an offensive smell, and is flatulent; it is liquid, and wants consistence from not being completely elaborated, and from no part of the digestive process having been
properly done except the commencement.
Wherefore they have flatulence of the stomach, continued eructations, of a bad smell; but if these pass downwards, the bowels rumble, evacuations are flatulent, thick, fluid, or clayey, along with the phantasy, as if a fluid were passing through them; heavy pain of the stomach now and then, as if from a puncture; the patient emaciated and atrophied, pale, feeble, incapable of performing any of his accustomed works. But if he attempt to walk, the limbs fail; the veins in the temples are prominent, for owing to wasting, the temples are hollow; but also over all the body the veins are enlarged, for not only does the disease not digest properly, but it does not even distribute that portion in which the digestion had commenced for the support of the body; it appears to me, therefore, to be an affection, not only of the digestion, but also of the distribution.
But if the disease be on the increase, it carries back the matters from the general system to the belly, when there is wasting of the constitution; the patients are parched in the mouth, surface dry and devoid of sweat, stomach sometimes as if burnt up with a coal, and sometimes as if congealed with ice. Sometimes also, along with the last scybala, there flows bright, pure, unmixed blood, so as to make it appear that the mouth of a vein has been opened; for the acrid discharge corrodes the veins. It is a very protracted and intractable illness; for, even when it would seem to have ceased, it relapses again without any obvious cause, and comes back upon even a slight mistake. Now, therefore, it returns periodically.
This illness is familiar to old persons, and to women rather than to men. Children are subject to continued diarrhœa, from an ephemeral intemperance of food; but in their case the disease is not seated in the cavity of the stomach. Summer engenders the disease more than any other of the seasons; autumn next; and the coldest season, winter, also, if the heat be almost extinguished. This affection, dysentery and lientery, sometimes are engendered by a chronic disease. But, likewise, a copious draught of cold water has sometimes given rise to this disease.
5:31 pm
Wallsend resources
From R. in the Coeliacs Australia group :)

G'day you lot in Newcastle,

There's an Asian and Pacific Island grocery shop on the main street in
Wallsend. I don't know how many times I've been past this place, but
today DW and I finally went in - and it's a GF toy shop.

Sure, there's the usual stuff you get in Chinese grocers. But! they also
cater to the local Mexican, El Salvadoran, Indonesian, Indian, Tongan,
and Fijian communities, and God knows who else besides! This means that
they have:

* sorghum flour
* all kinds of rice flour (black, red, glutinous, etc.)
* tapioca flour
* manioc flour
* real Mexican corn flour (e.g. for flat bread!)
* taro - both fresh and frozen
* tempeh (we make our own, but for those who don't, this one is A1)

.... ah, lots of other goodies. Like I said, toy shop. And the bloke in
there is really friendly and tells you who buys what and for what.

I really hope nobody else from Newcastle knew about this and was holding
out on me! If you were, well... don't tell me now! ;)
"My old man told me one time, you never get wise, you only get older"
- Dandy Warhols
Friday, September 22nd, 2006
5:39 pm
  • Food additives to be avoided for those with Salycilate issues: from the HC3S UK website:

    <b>Other additives which can be a problem for athsmatics of asprin sensitive people (possibly those sensitive to salycilates).

  • E212 Potassium Benzoate
  • E213 Calcium Benzoate
  • E214 Ethyl hydroxybenzoate
  • E215 Ethyl hydroxybenzoate
  • E216 Propyl 4 hydroxybenzoate
  • E217 Propyl 4 hydroxybenzoate
  • E218 Methyl 4 hydroxybenzoate
  • E219 Methyl 4 hydroxybenzoate
  • E230 Diphenyl
  • E321 Ortho phenylphenol
  • E232 Sodium Orthophylphenate
  • E233 Thiabendazode
  • E234 Nisin
  • E235 Natamycin

The last one is of particular interest, will have to investigate it further, because a strain of antibiotics that I am unable to tolerate has the 'mycin' inc in the name of each... eurythromycin, etc. Don't know if it correlates, but at least its flagged for action :P

5:33 pm
Product testing
Choculence Gluten and Dairy Free
Choc coated, creme filled biscuit

Mum got these for me on one of her shopping expiditions, and so far they are the best Tim Tam substitute that I have come across. The dairyfreeness would usually put me off, and it does make them taste slightly less chocolately, but they are still very very tasty.... here's hoping mum remembers where she got them ;)
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