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Wheat Freak

Wallsend resources

From R. in the Coeliacs Australia group :)

G'day you lot in Newcastle,

There's an Asian and Pacific Island grocery shop on the main street in
Wallsend. I don't know how many times I've been past this place, but
today DW and I finally went in - and it's a GF toy shop.

Sure, there's the usual stuff you get in Chinese grocers. But! they also
cater to the local Mexican, El Salvadoran, Indonesian, Indian, Tongan,
and Fijian communities, and God knows who else besides! This means that
they have:

* sorghum flour
* all kinds of rice flour (black, red, glutinous, etc.)
* tapioca flour
* manioc flour
* real Mexican corn flour (e.g. for flat bread!)
* taro - both fresh and frozen
* tempeh (we make our own, but for those who don't, this one is A1)

.... ah, lots of other goodies. Like I said, toy shop. And the bloke in
there is really friendly and tells you who buys what and for what.

I really hope nobody else from Newcastle knew about this and was holding
out on me! If you were, well... don't tell me now! ;)
"My old man told me one time, you never get wise, you only get older"
- Dandy Warhols
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