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12 Florence Street
Hornsby NSW 2077

Gluten free Preservative free sausages

- Moroccan Lamb and Raisin (very tasty)(winner of best sausage in NSW)
- Sweet Chicken and Corn (didn't get to try these but I KNOW I would like them)
- Honey Chicken and Macadamia
- Tasty Beef (thick and thin)
- Beef Smoked Cheese and Chives

- Butter chicken and yoghurt
- Plain chicken
- Thai chicken basil and coconut cream
- Apricot Chicken
- Chicken cheese and baby spinach

- Lamb mint and rosemary
- Spicy Lamb
- Honey lamb

- Smokey beef and bacon
- Beef spinach and pine nuts
- Smokey texan
- Sundried tomato and basil
- French delux (beef)
- Native pepper (beef)
- Beef, capsicum and tomato
- Mexican (beef)
- Spanish Chorizos (beef and pork)
- Spicy Italian (beef and pork)

- Old English pork
- Pork leek and bacon
- Irish breakfast (pork)
- German Weisswurst (pork and veal)
- Czech Combo (pork)
- Pork apple and cinammon

- Crocodile
- Emu
- Camel
- Boerwors
- Venison

Free dinner to anyone who can tell me what on earth Boerwors tastes like. Free dinner also to anyone who tries the camel ones and tells me what they taste like :P
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